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Forest Fire Fuel Reduction Services

We will help reduce wildfire risk.  Have balsam trees and dead woody material removed before the event of a fire.  Less that one acre plots can have woody material removed by burning or removed off-site via trailer.  Cut, pile, and burning is available for over one-acre plots.

Invasive Species Removal

Have buckthorn, garlic mustard, or parsnip?  We can take care of that.  Help stop the spread of non-native plants by managing it early.  Our team will identify and report these invasive species and make a plan to remove it using best practices.  

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Fire Risk Assessment

Using Firewise standards we can help you identify fire hazards around your property.  We can provide fuel reduction and tree removal to help you reduce your risk.

Stewardship Planning

Whether you are looking for fuel reduction, invasive species, tree planting a stewardship plan will tell you how to protect your forest health. These plans set goals to bring native plants and wildlife back. Properties over five acres may be eligible for financial assistance from state and local government.

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Tree Planting Services

Forest sometimes need help regrowing after fuel reduction and natural events. Climate change and lack of natural wildfire is applying stress to native species. We access your soil to find which native plants would be ideal for your land. Help preserve the Northwoods for future generations.   

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