Fire Risk Assessments
With one on site visit we can address the level of risk your property is subjected to by wildfires. Scroll or click the link below to learn more or schedule a consultation.
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Fuel Reduction
Fuel reduction is the most effective way to combat the danger and loss of wild fire. Scroll or click the link below to learn how we can protect your property from the devastation of uncontrollable wildfire.
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Forest Renewal
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Invasive Species Management
The introduction of invasive plant and animal species has had devastating effects on the overall health of our ecosystem. Scroll or click the link below to learn more about how we can win the fight against invasive species together.
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Stewardship Planning
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Fire Risk Assesment

Protect your home!

Using Firewise standard we will give you recommendations on mitigating your fire risk and identify problem areas.



Fuel Reduction 

The Forest needs our help!

Our woods used to be able to manage itself through natural fires, but without these natural fires dead trees take put our homes at risk and prevent healthy trees from growing in their place. Emerald ashborer and spruce budworm spread quickly in dense and unhealthy forest, killing balsam and ash trees. 

We can help, by cutting the dead and dying trees and prevent the spread of these pest and keep our forest healthy. We can remove the material by piling and burning or removing it with a trailer. 

We work during the winter! Call for estimate today!


pine plantation

Forest Regrowth

Take the next step!

Recently had fuel reduction services at your home? We don’t just stop at cutting, we plant too! help native species reclaim their home. We will identify native species that will grow in your soil and plant them during the ideal season. 

Don’t allow invasive species to take over your woods. Keep the soil covered by native plants. 


Invasive Species 

Prevent The Spread 

The Northwoods is under attack by foreign and harmful invaders. Invasive plants are foreign plants that compete with native species for nutrients and space. Invasive plants reproduce quickly and aggressively choking out forest and disturbing the sensitive ecosystem. Many of these plants are toxic to us and wildlife! 

We can identify and treat buckthorn, invasive honeysuckle, Siberian peashrub, wild parsnip and more.

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Terrestrial Invasive Species | Minnesota DNR (

buckthorn removal services
wildlife consultant

Stewardship Planning


Have a Plan 

Whether you are looking for fuel reduction, invasive species, tree planting a
stewardship plan will tell you how to protect your forest health. These plans set goals to bring native plants and wildlife back. Properties over five acres may be eligible for financial assistance from state and local government. Getting financial assistance through these programs can be time consuming and complex. Let use help you.


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Conservation Stewardship Program | Natural Resources Conservation Service (

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