I grew up in Iowa, lucky enough to live on a farm for most of my childhood.  I have always loved being outside and exploring nature.  I became interested in the environment in high school.  From there I pursued a degree in environmental science from Buena Vista University.  I visited Ely that same winter and fell in love with the area.  Shortly after, I transferred to Vermilion Community College where I took Wilderness and Parks management.  I met Kesley during my time in the wilderness club, and ended up working for him that summer.  A few of my friends expressed interested in working, so I became a Crew Manager within my second year working for Growing Futures Tree Service.  It has been an amazing experience learning and training under Kesley.  He has given me the skills to confidently and proficiently do what I love.  This company has opened many doors for what I would like to do in the future.  Right now I don’t have any plans, but my dream is to work in a National Park as a Ranger.  I love doing maintenance work and interacting with people.  I would love to make the outdoors more accessible to everyone.

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