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Growing Futures is currently fundraising to offset the remaining costs of our first BIPOC Intro to Wilderness and Leave No Trace training class. Click the link below to go directly to our go fund me or visit our Wilderness Education page to learn more. Thank you for your support!
Company Owner Kesly Ebbs

About Us:

Living in the woods is the dream for many of us, but it comes with a unique set of challenges that not all homeowners are aware of. Homes and businesses surrounded by trees have greater risk of loss from wildfire and windstorms if the forest around them is unhealthy. Also, the plants and animals that are part of the dream for landowners suffer from habitat loss from the encroachment of invasive species and the overgrowth of aspen and balsam without regular and informed management practices. We help these landowners preserve the dream of a living in a healthy forest and live sustainably by offering professional land management services.
Growing Futures is a forestry company operating in Ely, Minnesota owned by Kess Ebbs. (Left)